The Heiress Gets a Duke by Harper St. George: Book Review

The Heiress Gets a Duke Rating: 5/5

The Heiress Gets a Duke Synopsis: August Crenshaw may be an heiress, but she’s done her work at the family steel company. She watches as her friends get auctioned off to distant dukes in their family’s hopes of gaining higher prestige in the states. When her family starts to take an interest in gaining rank, she vows to save her sister, Violet, from a destitute duke. When Evan Sterling becomes the Duke of Rothschild on the death of his father and brother he’s given a pile of debt that can only be solved through the marriage to an heiress. The Crenshaws offer up Violet to Evan for marriage, it’s August he wants, but she’s not going easily.


I really, really, really liked this book. It had everything I could want in it! I love this time period for novels, a working and determined heroine, a hero who respects her, enough banter, sizzling chemistry, AND it’s so well written! If I could reread this book again for the first time I would. August is a heroine that doesn’t want or need a man. She works for her family’s company and wants to keep it that way, thus marriage isn’t an option for her. She’s fiercely independent, wants her family to be proud of her, and incredibly quick. Evan is a duke that was never meant to be a duke. The lengths that he goes to for his family is endearing and the way that he treats August is so perfect. Their conversations are fabulous.

I loved the way that St. George crafted August’s family and the whole setting. I adored the balls that they went to. The world that was crafted was amazing. Please just read this book because let’s be honest my review is not doing it justice.


  • August: You know when you read a book and the character arc is absolutely amazing and you feel like the character has changed for the better? Yeah, that’s August in this book. She has a sharp tongue and good idea of who she is. She’s not afraid to fight for her beliefs. August wants to make her family proud through any means necessary. August is the kind of heroine you want in a story. I loved ever minute with her. Her actions were believable as were her desires. She was an amazing main character.
  • Evan: There are some characters in books that will always stand out to you no matter what. Evan is one of them. They way that he protects his family and fights for what would be best for them–not him–is astounding. To be honest you can’t really help yourself but to root for him the entire way.
  • St. George’s Writing: The writing is beautiful. I felt like I was in London during the season throughout the book. Her writing doesn’t make you feel like you are reading, rather watching what is going on. Plus, the chemistry that she creates between August and Evan is absolutely electric!


  • August’s Job: I wanted to see more of this. There was some of this in the book. I picked up on several moments that happened in the book that sorta described her job, but I never really got to the core of what she did.
  • The Ending: This was the typical problem of everything finishing so quickly! There was the HEA, but no glimpse into what happens next. I just want a couple more pages (okay, like 20). I want to know the finale/fallout. How did everyone take things? I will say that I did squeal with delight at the ending. Evan and August have a way with words.
  • Max, August’s Brother: This isn’t a dislike, more like a request that can’t be filled. I wanted more of him. The way that August described him

Long Story Short

Do I recommend this book? YES!!!! It was beautifully written and the plot kept me intrigued the entire way through the book. It honestly was equal parts plot and character driven, which was highly refreshing. I liked that August was independent and worked, but also realized that she wanted to build a life with someone. Evan’s entire story arc was stunning and I really just want to read more about the two of them. I cannot wait for Violet’s story to come out in fall!!!

The Heiress Gets a Duke by Harper St. George

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Have you read The Heiress Gets a Duke? What did you think of it? I am so excited for the second one in the “series”.

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