The Devil and The Heiress by Harper St. George: Book Review

The Devil and the Heiress is laying atop of The Heiress Gets a Duke which are both on a white sheet.

The Devil and The Heiress

by Harper St. George

Rating: 4.75/5 
Genre: Historical Romance
Steam: Explicit, Multiple Scenes
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Pub Date: June 29, 2021
Thank you Berkley Romance and NetGalley for my Advanced Copy! You're the best!
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The Devil and The Heiress Synopsis: Violet Crenshaw may be presented as the perfect daughter to be married off to English nobility for her status seeking parents, but she has a different idea. She plans to flee London to escape a horrendous marriage arrangement and fulfill her dream of becoming a published author. Christian Halston, Earl of Leigh, is in need of a wife with money to rebuild his Scottish estate. In his eyes Violet is the perfect solution to his problem. Only if she weren’t so alluring. The more time the spend together as Christian “helps” Violet escape the more Christian realizes he wants her for more than just her worth. But when passions, secrets, and desire come to a head, there’s no saying what will happen.

The Devil and The Heiress Review

I danced in the grocery store when I got the email that I could read this book. Yes I got weird looks and no I did not care. I got to read Violet Crenshaw’s story!! And let me say, it did not disappoint. I adored The Heiress Gets a Duke and it’s steadily been one of my favorite reads of this year. It’s great. So you can understand the amount of hype and buildup that I’ve created for this book.

I also need to state that I read this book in one sitting. Picked it up and then put it down fully read. I loved it (probs not as much as The Heiress Gets a Duke but close).


This book picks up right after the end of the first book. August and Evan are together, floating across the Atlantic, and Violet is still in London with her parents. In the first book I wasn’t the biggest Violet fan, I mean she was nice and had some level of personality, but in this one she really shines and I love her. Her passion shines through here and although she was immature at times I thought that she was a great lead and a compelling alternative to both August and Christian!

So I’m going to be honest, I don’t like abduction/traveling tropes in historical romances. I’m just not a big fan of it. However, I did like this book. St. George really sold it with the dual POV, which really added a lot of depth to it and gave immense insight into the characters, and also Violet and Christian had met before this in the previous book and were given ample time in the beginning of this book as well, which helped ease my issues surrounding this trope.

I found both Violet and Christian to be interesting characters with a lot of depth and development. Christian was so cute and his internal dialogue, I wanted to both hug him and also stage an intervention. I loved the way they balanced each other out and the connection they shared.

The plot was fun and things kept moving along at a really good pace. It wasn’t drawn out, but there was also enough slow times that the characters were able to reflect and develop. Plus, the romance in the book was just right! Perfect amounts emotional and physical! I mean just perfect!


Really my only complaint is that I wish the book had been a bit longer. I felt like the ending was rushed and there wasn’t enough final development. I would have liked a bit more show than tell in the final pages.

And like I said, this isn’t my favorite trope and thus won’t beat out The Heiress Gets a Duke, but it was good. I just need this trope to end because I think I’ve read 3-4 books recently with a *very* similar plot… But still read this one! It’s definitely worth it in the characters!

Long story short

I highly recommend this book! If you’ve read the first one in the series pick this one up. If you like Gilded Age Historical Romances, pick this one up! If you like strong female characters in historical fiction and completely charming men pick this one up. If you like sweet and steamy romances with great character development and moments that make you go aw, PICK THIS ONE UP! I cannot wait for her next novel (ignoring that I got this one really early) and all of her future novels. Harper St. George has really cemented her status is my autobuy author pile! I will 110% be rereading this book many times and shoving it into the hands of as many people as possible!

If You Like This One…

Obvious if you haven’t read The Heiress Gets A Duke, the first book in this series, I would highly recommend it! Here’s my review of it here. Or if you want another traveling romance from this time period I adored A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan. My review of it is here.


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