The Dating Plan Book Review

The Dating Plan Rating: 4/5

The Dating Plan Synopsis: Daisy is tired of her huge family constantly trying to set her up with a man. She doesn’t want a husband. She’s seen how marriages work out with her own parents and she has no desire to go through that, unfortunately her relatives don’t care. Liam’s entire family legacy rests on him getting married and staying married for a year. He knows the perfect woman for the job, it’s just a shame she hates him after he stood her up on her prom and then disappeared for 10 years. But when they both realize there’s something in it for both of them, maybe a marriage of convenience is what they need. To keep things in line, Daisy makes the dating plan. A fool proof way for them to not fall in love and get everything they want.

This book will be published on March 16, 2021! Set your calendars for the release!


First, let me say that I love Liam. I know I have a problem collecting all of the men in romance novels but they’re just too sweet!!! Okay, going back to the actual book. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t my favorite romance novel, but it was rather good. Daisy’s intense extended family was fun and charming. Sure they were invasive in her life, but it was well meaning. Liam, oh poor Liam. I love that boy. His past and rational for his motives was so damn sweet. I wish he would have come clean sooner about his actions, but I kinda get it. I will say that there was something missing from the book. Their relationship progressed at a strange rate and Daisy’s character arc was very abrupt. I did enjoy all of their antics and the plot twist at the end was phenomenal!


  • Daisy’s Family: They were hella invasive and overwhelming, but they all meant well and wanted best for Daisy. I found every person in her family to be endearing and developed in their own way. I liked seeing how everything was connected. You’d meet a character one chapter and then they’d show up again a couple chapters away. Loved them!
  • Liam: I have a thing with men and their troubled pasts but them overcoming them and being the best humans possible. I know it’s a problem, but Liam sure is a good answer to that! He’s incredibly kind and mature, which thank you. The level of maturity that this boy had was refreshing. They way that he interacted and truly felt for each member of Daisy’s family was the sweetest. Plus, I loved the relationship he had with his grandpa and how that was a huge motivator for him.
  • Plot: Enemies-to-lovers is the best romance trope and you can fight me on that. I loved the whole getup for the plot. From Liam and his legacy to Daisy and her ruin the plot ran smoothly. Each of the scenes had a purpose of moving the novel along and not dallying too much. This made for a fun, light hearted read. While I wish more of Daisy’s backstory was brought up to the forefront, it was a well crafted plot and well written.


  • Reason For Liam’s Departure: I’m going to try to not give anything away here, but this was down right annoying to read. I get Liam’s whole “I’m-not-worthy” BS, but the other characters? Why didn’t anyone reach out to Liam? Why didn’t his best friend ask about him? How in the world did he just vanish and leave when he was such an integral part of Daisy’s family? Hmmmm??? I know you don’t have answers, but if you do, let your girl know. It just doesn’t make sense to me and is basically the catalyst for everything else in the book. I’m just annoyed. Also, I know a lot of people are annoyed with Daisy bringing up the abandonment at prom situation, but I don’t think it’s that bad considering Liam left her for ten years after that. It’s just the moment that things change is why it’s stuck with her.
  • Daisy’s Father: To be honest Daisy’s father was a bit hypocritical. First, he wants Daisy to get married so bad to someone he’s found for her, but is getting married to someone he stumbled into? And his arrange marriage failed, but believes it’s best for Daisy? Ok. Questionable. Also, he’s upset with Liam for leaving, but I never read anything about him reaching out to see where Liam went. Just saying. Not my favorite character in the book.
  • Daisy’s Character Development: Daisy has a lot of change in the book, but it feels rushed. Like she’s going along and doing the same thing again and again, but then bam! One moment later she’s decided to be a different person. I can pinpoint the moment (not giving it away), but it honestly didn’t feel like a big enough eureka moment to create that much change. The change felt insincere.
The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

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