Romancing the Duke: Mini Book Review

Romancing The Duke Rating: 2.5/5

Romancing the Duke Synopsis: Isolde Goodnight is the orphan daughter of Sir Henry Goodnight, a famous writer of fairy tales. When she is left the deed to a castle, she takes the last of her pitiful money and goes right away. Her fairy tale castle even comes with a duke! Scarred, proud, and uninterested in company Ransom does not want Isolde there. When she takes him up on a secretarial position as they solve who own the castle, she learns that maybe fairy tales do come true in their own way.


I’m just going to be straight-up honest with you all, I didn’t like the book. It wasn’t my cup of tea. Between the cartoon-like characters and outlandish plot I found things hard to like. First there’s Izzy who goes around pretending for these people who love her father’s stories (it becomes so much worse once you’ve actually read the whole book–I’m not putting any spoilers in this!!). Then add a grumpy-ass duke who wants no help from anyone. Guess what freaking happens? Little-miss-sunshine makes the grump duke’s life *better* and happier through being herself and being oh so quirky.

I mean it’s okay. The best character is Ransom’s manservant, Duncan. He’s the only reasonable adult I could find. Abigail, the local vicar’s daughter, is also a laughable cartoon. There was just so much quirkiness and ridiculousness in the story to turn me off. Not to mention the relationship between Izzy and Ransom was sorta toxic and lacking any chemistry. The plot at the end also goes off the deep end and I had to read it 2-3 times and I still don’t get it. There was just a lot of things at once. And it’s not even remotely historically accurate.

One thing I did like about the book is that Ransom is blind, well mostly. You don’t typically find characters that are anything but able bodied in romance, especially historical romance. I did appreciate that aspect of him. (I didn’t like how that was the only reason why he found Izzy attractive was because he couldn’t see her–yes thats actually said in the book).

Long Story Short

Do I recommend Romancing the Duke? Honestly? Not really. It’s an okay, silly romance. But the ridiculous plot and ending coupled with the very one dimensional characters it’s a silly read. I’m aware that I’m repeating the word silly, but it is. I mean read it if you’re into light, simplistic reads that have a happy-ever-after but not a lot of substance. I wish I liked it. But honestly, I don’t.

I’m sorry, I’m being rather rude about the book, and I’m trying not to. I know writing novels takes a lot of time and effort from the author and publisher and I’m not trying to diminish it with this review. But I’m just trying to give you my honest opinion and it in no way reflects my opinion of the author or publisher, rather just my irk at the story. I felt that this needed to be said!

Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare

I borrowed my copy from my local library.

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Am I being too harsh on Romancing the Duke? Have you read it? What did you think??

All opinions are of my own are not reflective of anyone else. I buy/loan all of the books I review unless specified and I only give my 100% true opinion on them.

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