Here is my review archive with the reviews organized by author’s last name, book title, and book rating with a link back to my full review of the book.


Adams, Sarah- The Cheat Sheet 4/5

Armas, Elena- The Spanish Love Deception 4/5


Bateman, Kate- A Daring Pursuit 4.5/5

Bennett, Anna- Girls Before Earls 4/5

Bhatia, Anisha- The Rules of Arrangement 3/5

Blakely, Lauren & KD Casey- Dirty Slide 5/5

Bond, Gwenda- Not Your Average Hot Guy 4/5

Bond, Gwenda- The Date From Hell 4.25/5

Boulley, Angeline- Firekeeper’s Daughter 5/5

Bryant, Anabelle- Duchess If You Dare 3.25/5


Casey, K.D.- Fire Season 5/5

Casey, K.D.- One True Outcome 5/5

Collins, Manda- A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Mayhem 4.25/5

Collins, Manda- An Heiress’s Guide to Deception and Desire 4.5/5

Cooper, Sharon C.- Not Business As Usual 3.5/5

Craig, Susanna- One Thing Leads to a Lover 3.5/5


Dade, Olivia- Spoiler Alert 5/5

Danan, Rosie-The Roommate 5/5

Danan, Rosie – The Intimacy Experiment 5/5

Dare, Tessa- Romancing the Duke 2.5/5

Daria, Alexis- You Had Me At Hola 5/5

Desai, Sara- The Dating Plan 4/5

Doller, Trish- Float Plan 5/5

Doller, Trish- The Suite Spot 5/5

Dunmore, Evie- Bringing Down the Duke 4.5/5

Dunmore, Evie- A Rogue of One’s Own 4/5

Dunmore, Evie- Portrait of a Scotsman 4.75/5


Everett, Elizabeth- A Lady’s Formula For Love 4/5

Everett, Elizabeth- A Perfect Equation 4.5/5


Ferguson, Melissa- Meet Me In the Margins 3.75/5

Fielding, Kim- Teddy Spenser Isn’t Looking For Love 2.75/5

Fourtune, Carley – Every Summer After 4.5/5


Guillory, Jasmine- The Wedding Date 3/5

Gyasi, Yaa- Homegoing 5/5


Heath, Lorraine – Scoundrel of My Heart 4.25/5

Heath, Lorraine- The Duchess Hunt 5/5

Heath, Virginia- Never Fall For Your Fiancée 4/5

Henry, Emily- Beach Read 5/5

Henry, Emily- People We Meet On Vacation 5/5

Hibbert, Talia – Get a Life, Chloe Brown 3.5/5

Hockman, Angie- Shipped 3.5/5

Holton, India- The League of Gentlewomen Witches 4.5/5

Hubscher, Libby- If You Ask Me 3.75/5


Igharo, Jane- The Sweetest Remedy 4.5/5


Johnson, Nancy- The Kindest Lie 4.5/5


Kate, Lauren- By Any Other Name 3.5/5


Lauren, Christina- My Favorite Half-Night Stand 2.75/5

Lauren, Christina- The Unhoneymooners 3.75/5

Layne, Lauren- To Sir, With Love 4/5

Liasson, Miranda- Coming Home to Seashell Harbor 4/5

Loren, Roni- Yes & I Love You 5/5

Loren, Roni- What If You & Me 4.75/5

Loren, Roni- The Ones Who Got Away 4.5/5


Matthews, Mimi- The Siren of Sussex 5/5

Morrissey, Bridget- Love Scenes 4.25/5

Murphy, Julie – If The Shoe Fits 5/5


Newton, Dylan- How Sweet It Is 5/5


O’Leary, Beth- The Flatshare 3.5/5


Patel, Sajni- The Trouble With Hating You 5/5

Patel, Sajni – First Love, Take Two 4.5/5

Pembrooke, Kate –Not The Kind Of Earl You Marry 4.5/5

Pembrooke, Kate- Say You’ll Be My Lady 5/5



Rae, Harloe- Left For Wild 3.5/5

Reid, Taylor Jenkins- Daisy Jones & The Six 5/5

Rockaway, Kristin- How to Hack A Heartbreak 3.5/5


Simone, Sierra- Priest 4.25/5

Slaughter, Jodie- Bet On It 4.5/5

Smith, Sarah- Faker 3.5/5

Solomon, Rachel Lynn- The Ex Talk 4.5/5

Spencer, Kate- In A New York Minute 4/5

Spencer, Minerva- Notorious 2.75/5

St. Claire, Emma- Falling For Your Best Friend’s Twin 3/5

St. George, Harper- The Heiress Gets a Duke 5/5

St. George, Harper- The Devil and The Heiress 4.75/5

St. George, Harper – The Lady Tempts an Heir 5/5

Sullivan, Emily- A Rogue to Remember 5/5

Sullivan, Emily- The Rebel and The Rake 5/5

Sullivan, Emily –The Hero and The Hellion 5/5

Sullivan, Sophie- Ten Rules for Faking It 3.25/5





Walker, Ann Marie- Happy Single’s Day 3/5

Weiner, Jennifer- Big Summer 4/5

Wilder, Ava- How to Fake It In Hollywood 4.5/5

Williams, Denise- How to Fail At Flirting 4.5/5

Williams, Denise- The Fastest Way to Fall 5/5




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