One True Outcome by KD Casey: Book Review

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One True Outcome

By KD Casey

Rating: 5/5 
Genre: Sports Romance
Steam: Explicit
Publisher: KD Casey/Indie
Pub Date: March 25, 2022
Thank you so much KD Casey for allowing me to read an ARC. All opinions are my own.
Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

One True Outcome Synopsis:

Everyone knows you don’t fall for a teammate. Especially the rookie you’re supposed to mentor. Tell that to Matt “Big Mack” Mackenzie though. Now at the tail end of his career, the one-time superstar takes an offer from the only team willing to give him a shot. 

The hook? The job includes extra practice sessions with the team’s rookie catcher. The tempting, smart-mouthed Jamie DeLuca, who Mack really shouldn’t think about that way. And he definitely shouldn’t agree to after-hours video review sessions with.

The sky’s the limit for Jamie, if only he can keep his spot in the lineup. But the rookie’s on the verge of being cut. If he wants to stay on a big league roster that’ll mean extra work—and extra time with Big Mack. The guy he fantasized about playing like growing up. And then just fantasized about.

Mack’s nothing like Jamie’s fantasies. He’s better. If only Jamie could keep his attraction to the charming, generous veteran under wraps. Easier said than done, especially when the heat between them ignites. 

But nothing in baseball comes with a guarantee—and the only outcome they can be certain of is the one they make for themselves.

One True Outcome Review

It’s a baseball romance that is heavy on baseball and romance, what more could I ask for? Nothing. I absolutely adored this book, it was SO amazing!!

When KD Casey asked if I wanted to read an ARC of this of course I did. I loved Unwritten Rules so this was a no brainer. (Also she has a great Twitter and healthy appreciation for Castellanos😉).

Ok so this book. It’s adorable. Jamie is a new catcher that needs work on his batting (and confidence). Mack is a veteran player who is past his prime and struggling to find his worth. The way Jamie and Mack easily fall into each other is so sweet. I adored their relationship and that was only furthered with the outside challenges they faced.

I just loved the way they learned about each other & wanted to protect the other–the books?!? It was just so cute. Then both of them having their concerns about losing their position for vastly different reasons was 🥺. Perfectly angsty and swoony. Casey writes it so well.

The discussions around power, age, tolerance in professional sports, wage discrepancy are just a few of the heavier topics that Casey seamlessly weaves into the story. While the relationship is soft the rest of the plot and the constant need to know keeps you pushing forward.

I also want to mention that this is sorta heavy in baseball. It’s a baseball romance not a sports adjacent romance. Nah, we get discussions about batting stances, swing, pitch velocity, etc. I personally feel like even if you aren’t huge in baseball you’ll still enjoy it–probably not as much as me but still.

Long Story Short:

Do I recommend this book? Yes! It was such a great read. Look if you’re wanting a book to hit you in your feelings and make you soft and gooey this is your book. Especially if you like baseball.

Do yourself a little spring training favor and preorder for a perfect weekend read!

If You Liked This One…

KD Casey wrote another book called Unwritten Rules which is also amazing. That one hits you in all of your feelings, breaks your heart, then mends it right back up in the kindest way. Cannot recommend it more! Also check out Dirty Slide cowritten by Lauren Blakely and KD Casey. It’s a rivals to lover novella that is so good in such a small package.

KD Casey (they/she) is a romance writer and baseball enthusiast living in the Washington, DC area. She primarily writes queer Jewish romance.

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