Just My Type by Falon Ballard: Book Review

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Just My Type

By Falon Ballard

Rating: 4.5/5 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Steam: Explicit
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Pub Date: 7 February, 2023
Thank you St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for my Advanced Copy! You're the best!
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Just My Type Synopsis:

Lana Parker has never been single for long. After a disastrous break-up with her high school boyfriend, Seth Carson, Lana’s bounced from long-term relationship to long-term relationship. She’s an expert girlfriend, even acting as the resident dating and relationship columnist for one of Los Angeles’s trendiest websites. But now, at the age of thirty, Lana suddenly finds herself single again, and she’s determined to stay that way, no matter how challenging.

That is, until her high school ex, Seth, now a journalist in his own right, takes an assignment at Lana’s site. Ready to put down roots after years of traveling and freelancing, Seth becomes not only Lana’s colleague but also her competitor. With their combative relationship history–and undeniable chemistry–they quickly find themselves pitted against each other in a battle of wits: writing an article series that goes against dating type. For Lana, that means writing about staying single and embracing it. For Seth, it’s learning to settle down and become boyfriend material. Whoever’s is most popular wins a highly coveted columnist spot that either could only dream of. But when the two square off against one another, it’s not only their careers on the line–it’s also their hearts.

Just My Type Review

Falon Ballard’s Lease On Love was an absolute favorite read of mine last year, so when I saw this available to request to read I did what any logical person would do: requested it. From the first line of the book, which is iconic, to the epilogue I was enthralled. This book hits so many good notes. I love a good found family situation, improving yourself, growth, pining, tender moments, excitement, and this book had all of them. Plus it’s a second chance romance (my fave) dealing with a couple that were together in high school (another fave trope), so OBVIOUSLY I’m going to love it.


Lana’s journey in this book is excellent. Where she starts and where she finishes are vastly far apart and I love that for her. All of the tasks were great steps to help her find herself and I especially loved the therapy parts. The friend group that she had was also so endearing. Ballard has a special talent in creating the best friend groups that I wish I were apart of .

The challenge of learning to be single/in a relationship was also really great. The tasks that they created for each other were great on the surface level, but then the two of them being force to do some of that together? Excellent. The way that the challenge is concluded made me so ridiculously happy. It could have gone several ways, but I’m glad it went way it did.

Seth was well written and I liked that we only had Lana’s perspective. I thought that a lot of his back and forth on things was handled well within the constraints of everything. And my word, the steamy bits of this book? Excellent. I loved the way that Ballard handled it.

This book is definitely a messy book in the relationships and everything, but it was sooooo funny. Like an actual rom-com of a book with heavier pieces to give it some depth. A great read that I finished in two days only because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any later!


My biggest “meh” piece was that I wish there had been a little less back and forth on the changing relationship between Lana and Seth. I get the first bit of their exes and then become friendly then remembering, but it felt like it went on too long? Also some more background and depth on Seth would have been particularly great. There was some, but I just wanted more from him and their past relationship. 

Long Story Short

Do I recommend this book? YES!! Despite some of my little grievances, this book is so worth picking up. The emotional pull with the characters? Or the small movements from ex to more? Ugh. I wish I could scrape this book from my memory and read it again because it was so good. Plus I am an absolute sucker for second chance romance for childhood relationships. Read this book, I promise you won’t regret it.

If You Liked This One…

If you haven’t read Ballard’s Lease on Love this is your moment to enjoy! It is sooooo good. Takes place in New York and wow my little heart just clinches thinking about it. Another excellent childhood relationship to estranged/exes/enemies to lovers is Every Summer After by Carley Fortune. It’s almost a perfect match in emotion although set up a bit differently. HIGHLY recommend that one. Otherwise, People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry is another near perfect match as well.

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