Falling For Your Best Friend’s Twin by Emma St. Clair: Book Review

Falling For Your Best Friend's Twin by Emma St. Clair

Falling For Your Best Friend’s Twin

By Emma St. Clair

Rating: 3.5/5 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Steam: Closed Door
Publisher: Independently Published
Pub Date: 11 October 2020
Available: Amazon (Kindle Unlimited)

Falling For My Best Friend’s Twin Synopsis:

For years, I’ve successfully hidden my crush on Zane–my best friend’s ultra grumpy, ultra hot twin brother. 

But now that he’s hired me to fix a tech glitch for his startup, I’m having trouble keeping the feels under wraps. 

I SHOULD just keep my head down and do my job like a good employee. 

I should NOT go on the investor’s weekend that will keep me up close and personal with Zane. 

Like … couple’s massage kind of personal. 

I’ve got a lot on the line: my friendship, my job, and my stupid little heart that just won’t stop beating for him.

But I’ve never met a risk I didn’t like to face head on. Here goes nothing! (Or, maybe, here goes everything…)

Falling For My Best Friend’s Twin Review

I think that the best way for me to describe Falling For Your Best Friend’s Twin is a simple, happy read. It’s pure, happy fluff in the kindest of ways. The plot wasn’t dark, the characters weren’t malicious, there were enough sweet moments in it to keep you content. It’s like a LifeTime/Hallmark/Netflix romance movie. There were some great moments in it that I feel takes it a little bit above those movies (discussed below), but this is a novel you could easily read in a couple of hours.


Female Computer Programmer!– I love the representation here of a female computer programmer! As one (ish) myself it’s so great have that shown in a novel. Furthermore, she isn’t made a bro by the programming, she has her own interests and reliance on other females without putting them down. Yeah, she has some issues with “girly” things, but she has four awesome female roommates and is feminine in her own way (yay!). I loved that the author actually described some of the programming and the problems within it too. Super win with this one!

Side Characters– Like I’ve said before, I like well thought out side characters they’re just as important! The side characters in this have their own room to shine. Abby’s bffs/roommates are integral to the plot, they all play a part. Also Charla was so sweet!

Uplifting Themes– There are several moments in this novel that just sit you back a little and make you smile. There’s girl power among friends and uplifting each other. There are moments of misjudgement among women that are often played into in romance novels (aka sometimes bimbos aren’t) and are corrected. Just all around some nice happy feels that were well placed!


Pacing– The first half of the novel was great. There was the introduction of everyone, the background on how we got there, and the beginning of the relationship. However, once we passed that halfway mark things got decidedly shorter. I mean simple, stupid communication errors started, the relationship just went quickly, the pieces were “solved” easily. It just felt rushed. Likewise, the big plot issue wasn’t really ever solved. Sure we got a relationship (as one would assume in a romance novel), but the other plot just fell flat.

Lack of Relationship Depth– To be honest, this felt like a YA novel. I like sweet PG romance novels, but Falling For Your Best Friend’s Twin had the relationship maturity of high school “love”. Not communicating well, not really building the relationship too far, relying heavily on other actors (mainly twin/friend Zoey) to move things along. Of course it had a HEA, but it wasn’t a really rewarding ending. I want to put out there that I don’t like grand gestures. I find them awkward and manipulative and this book had one. Not a fan of that…

Long Story Short

Overall I did enjoy this novel and found it to be a great way to spend a couple of hours reading. I really wanted to love this novel. I LOVE secret romances, longing from a distance, and conflicting loyalty—all of which you would assume would be in this novel. It’s not really. I liked it but it wasn’t a love. I do recommend it to people who like sweet-sugary romance novels are PG romance. The next novel in the story I hope will be just as good and I look forward to reading Zoey’s story (yes it’s going to be a series!).

If You Liked This One…

I would highly recommend checking out Float Plan by Trish Doller–my review linked. It’s a lot heavier of a book but I feel like these match really well and it’s a little more open door but like also not? Just trust me on this one!!

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