Coming Home to Seashell Harbor by Miranda Liasson: Book Review

Coming Home to Seashell Harbor by Miranda Liasson is sitting atop of a tan blanket with a small plate of cinnamon toast to the left and a mug with tea to the right.

Coming Home To Seashell Harbor

By Miranda Liasson

Rating: 4/5 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Steam: Closed Door, Only Kissing Described
Publisher: Forever Publishing 
Pub Date: May 4, 2021
Was Gifted An Advanced Reader's Copy From Publisher
Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookShop

Coming Home to Seashell Harbor Synopsis: Hadley’s just been dealt the blow to her personal life when her longtime boyfriend dumps her to get together with another woman, leaving her to the wolves of the paparazzi. With this she decides to spend the summer with her family, when she finds out her grandmother broke her hip and is in the hospital. To make things even worse, her grandmother is considering selling her dog sitting store to Hadley’s first love (and ex) and former football star, Tony Cammareri, who wants to put in a star chain restaurant after destroying his knee on the field. The two of them must go head to head in the battle to prove to Gran who’s plan will provide the best option for the town. Plus all is fair in love and war, right?


This book is so homey and feel good🥰. I’m not normally one for these kinds of cozy, beach reads as they’re usually too saccharine for me, but I took a chance on this one. Totally worth it through. Coming Home to Seashell Harbor was definitely the book I needed to get me out of my slump. It’s seriously cozy and once you’re into it it’s hard to put down! Trust me, it took me a couple of busy days to get through the first 50 pages, but everything else I read in one sitting. I needed to know!

✨Here’s Why This Should Be On Your TBR:✨

Hadley and Cam were great second chance enemies(?)-to-lovers. Both of their characters were so well developed and I honestly didn’t know which one I was rooting for to win. Both of them had strong reasonings for their preferred option for the shop. I started on Hadley’s side of things but Cam easily pulled on my heartstrings to make me want him to also win!

Their chemistry was phenomenal. I’m not a huge fan of second chance at a first love situation typically because you aren’t who you were in high school. Things change so much, but this book made their changes make them more compelling to be together. Also I want to know the next😭. (Please tell me you see them in the next book!!)

The secondary characters were also fun and added SO MUCH to the story. Gran was my fave, but Hadley’s friends and Cam’s family were also thoroughly enjoyable and really made the reading so much fun. I cannot wait for the next book(s)!

The plot was good too. There was a lot of character development (a love of mine) but there was also a ton of action driven plot. Also there are DOGS!! So many dogs. And Italian food. I mean does it get any better???

My Only Issues:

I wanted a little more from Hadley’s life in LA. Didn’t she have friends? Or did she just work all of the time? She had a life outside her home town for many years what happened? Also, what about her apartment? Did she sublet it for the rest of her lease? Did she break her lease? What happened to her job? Some more detail would have been perfect and added to the depth of the story.

Additionally I wanted just more backstory on all of the characters. They would talk about things from the past, but never in enough detail for you to truly understand. A couple of flashbacks would have really helped this story out rather than a sentence or two of “hey, you remember here, yeah, same, good times” then move on.

Long Story Short

Do I recommend this book? Yes! It’s cute and sweet and as long as you’re not looking for anything with a lot of angst or heaviness this one is great. Coming Home to Seashell Harbor deserves to be read with a cup of tea (wine will also be considered) and some warm baked good. It’ll leave you feeling all warm and gooey inside. As long as you recognize it for what it is, you’ll be great! Enjoy this cute read!!

Thank you @readforeverpub for my gifted copy! I will definitely be rereading it the next time I can sit on a beach🥰.

If you liked this book I’d also recommend checking out The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon. A little more steamy, but same sweetness and enemies-to-lovers that I think you’d love! Check out my full review here!


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