Hello All!

I’m Eleanor and I’m so happy you’re here!

I love reading and I hope you do too, or else this is probably not the blog for you. I will pretty much read anything, but I prefer romance to anything else. I’ll honestly read whatever as long as it has a romantic subplot. I have always been a reader. I blame it on my childhood need to work ahead in class then get bored and bring out a book or two to read while the teacher taught. We won’t discuss the number of times I’ve gotten in trouble for that (or reading in general).

I’m 26 and in the real world I work as a data scientist. I’m currently seeking my masters in Data Analytics but I have undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Russian. I love Earl Grey Tea and my favorite place to go on vacation is to the Smoky Mountains or to any beach where I can snorkel. I enjoy doing photography and hiking. I have a cat named Bennet (yes after Pride and Prejudice). I am a firm believer in the oxford comma and developed characters.

I can’t wait to see where this blog takes us and I hope you’re ready for the journey!