A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan: Book Review

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A Rogue to Remember

by Emily Sullivan

Rating: 5/5 
Genre: Historical Romance
Steam: Explicit!!!
Publisher: Forever Romance
Pub Date: March 9, 2021
Thank you Forever Romance and NetGalley for my Advanced Copy! You're the best!
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A Rogue to Remember Synopsis: Lottie is done with London Society. Seeing a tarnished reputation as her only way out she escapes to the Italian countryside. It’s her childhood friend and first love, Alec, that arrives at her cottage’s front door, five years after she’s last seen him, to escort her home on account of her uncle. There have been many things unsaid between the two and the five years of separation haven’t done anything to extinguish the flame between them. Is Lottie able to look past her heartbreak and is Alec ready to face is past, or is the chemistry between them something that they can ignore?


I have never been more thankful to have watched a conversation between authors than I have in this moment. Harper St. George and Elizabeth Everette (both excellent author’s who’s books I have attached at the bottom of this post) were having an IG live event and they brought up that this was a book they were both excited to see launched. So naturally I remembered that I had seen it on NetGalley earlier. It doesn’t have the cover I normally lean towards, but the premise was promising and with both of these excellent authors recommending it I requested it.

Let me say, I LOVED A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan! I devoured it. I sat down after dinner and before I knew it I was flipping (okay, sliding the kindle screen) to the last page and it was late at night. It was enthralling! Please, for the love of everything good in the world: PICK THIS BOOK UP!

I’ve read a decent amount of historical fiction, but this one takes place on a journey through Italy in 1897, which being stuck for so long due to the pandemic was wonderful. The plot, the characters, the writing, the scenery: all phenomenal. I got so caught up in the growing tension and chemistry between Alec and Lottie and wanting to know more of their back stories that I finished it in one sitting. It is so, so good. Plus the chemistry between the characters was off the charts! Like everyone else said, the mirror scene is wow.


  • Lottie: She wants more than to be settled down with a high society man. She has a brain, ambition, and adventure in her and settling down would be stifling. Plus, she gave her heart away a long time ago. Her story was utterly compelling and watching her fight for what she wanted was beautiful. I found some of her actions to be rather stupid, but that’s what we want in a book, right? No one to be perfect, but just wanting to be better and to love those around them. Lottie is those things.
  • Alec: Can I keep him? His sense of duty and honor were the backbone of his character and watching him try to keep those but also listen to his heart was superb. I did want to hear more about both of his professions. But he was a great opposite to Lottie in every way and even when he did mess up he acknowledged it and addressed it. Plus his jobs are the coolest things and I want to be both of them too;).
  • Plot: It was so much fun! The setting constantly was changing and the characters had to adapt. There were several ‘one bed only’ scenes, which are great. Sullivan brought in enough subplots to keep everything moving and kept feeding us small hints towards the major plots. The flashbacks added to the overall story and I wanted to know everything. There were some moments in the book that lagged behind and made things a little slower. Plus the ending was a full ending! There were consequences to actions! The plots were settled. It was amazing.


  • Uncle Alfred: Okay, this isn’t like a full issue with the character rather more of an issue with the plot involving Uncle Alfred at the end of the book was a little loose. Everything else in the novel was tight and moving, where this issue was strange and was resolved strangely. I don’t want to give anything away, but it was the only minor issue I had with it!

Long Story Short:

Run, don’t walk to get this book. Read it! I fell in love with the writing and characters during the 300+ pages I read and I want this for everyone else too. My heart was crushed a little when I realized I reached the end. I wanted more. So please, please, please buy this book. Show off the cover with pride. Enjoy the deep character arcs and thrilling plot. I loved it and I hope that you all will too. And thank you, Emily Sullivan for writing such a spectacular novel, it was a thrill reading it!

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