5 Underappreciated Romances You Need to Read!

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There have been some really, really good romance novels that have come out this year (and a little into last year too) that haven’t gotten the hype they deserve. Underappreciated romances, really. After having read these and a lot of super hyped romances I just keep coming back to why these aren’t loved as much and I still don’t know!

I do acknowledge that all 5 books I’m showing are traditionally published. There are so many great indie books out there, and I’m working through reading many of them. Hopefully I can make a list of some good indie published romances soon too!

These are a mix of historical and contemporary romances with various levels of steam (only one is closed door). I really, really enjoyed all of these books and I hope that you get the chance to read them and love them too! All are underappreciated romances that need your love!

5 Underappreciated Romance Novels:

1.) Yes & I Love You by Roni Loren

Contemporary Romance | 4.75/5 | Explicit!

Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookShop

Synopsis: Miz Poppy is a popular reviewer of the nightlife of New Orleans. Hollyn Tate is the person no one knows is behind the facade, and she’d like to keep it that way. Hollyn has Tourettes and intense social anxiety. So when her job wants her to go full time, something she’s desperately wanted, it’s her worst fears come to life. They want a vlog. Her on a screen speaking. Enter Jasper Deares, improv artist, liver of life, and out of Hollyn’s league. But there’s something he wants from Hollyn as well. When they strike a deal to help Hollyn deal her social anxiety and be more comfortable around others, they sign up for more than they bargained for. With the unmatchable chemistry, former flings, and many mishaps, can they both get what they want without being hurt?

I don’t know why I waited as long as I did to read this book. The representation, the COMMUNICATION, those sex scenes. Omg there’s a lot to love here. I don’t want to spill too much, but I read this in less than 24 hours and everyone that I’ve talked to who has read this book (too few) has absolutely adored this book. READ IT!!

My Full Review is Here.

2.) How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams

How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams is laying atop of an open book on a blue and purple floral top.

Contemporary Romance | 4.5/5 | Explicit

Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookShop

Synopsis: Naya Turner’s life isn’t going the way she wants. While she is on track to becoming a tenured professor teaching something that she’s passionate about, the university’s funding is low and her department may be the one to go. On top of that, she’s still reeling from an abusive (TW: domestic abuse is a big part of this novel and is often descriptive) ex-boyfriend and learning to be herself again. With some nudging from friends, she sets up a list of things to do to feel alive once more. When a lovely stranger sits next to her at the bar, dad-jokes and sparks start to fly. Jake makes her laugh and is really into her. But when the issue of their jobs comes to a crux, Naya’s left figuring out what she really wants out of life.

This is one of those books that I definitely do not see around enough. It’s amazing. There are major content warnings to be aware of as domestic abuse is a major aspect of the novel. But Williams crafts an adorable romance story that has so much depth and heart in it. Plus her next book is coming out in November and I already have it preordered! You need to read this.

My Full Review is Here.

3.) How Sweet It Is by Dylan Newton

Contemporary Romance | 5/5 | Explicit

Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookShop

Synopsis: Kate Sweet runs an event planning business with the happiest ever afters with each of her events. When her best friend asks a favor to put together a book launch for a bestselling horror author, this may be the chance she needs to win an EVPLEX award. She’ll have to trade in bubbles and cake for spiders and crypts. Drake Matthews isn’t the Knight of Nightmares that everyone makes him out to be. He’d rather stay in and write, if only he weren’t experiencing writers block. Chaos ensues when they first meet, but they’re both determined to keep things on plan. Except Drake’s writing takes a turn and Kate has to take on planning an event to blow everyone’s mind. What could possibly go right when Drake and Kate mix?

It was by chance that I got the ARC of this book and then I immediate went out and made sure I had a physical copy of it when it was released. I hadn’t seen a lot about this book, but let me tell you this has been one of my favorite reads of the year. Kate is well developed, Drake is perhaps one of my favorite MMCs ever, and the story was flipping adorable! Totally recommend. Ugh, just writing this I want to reread it again.

My Full Review is Here.

4.)The Trouble With Hating You by Sajni Patel

The Trouble With Hating You by Sajni Patel on a white surface with flowers to the left and a yellow fabric to the right

Contemporary Romance | 4.5/5 | Closed Door

Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookShop

Synopsis:  Liya Thakkar is not damaged goods and she does not need a husband, not matter what her family says. When her parents spring an unexpected visitor to their family dinner, Liya bolts. When the same guy, Jay, shows up at her work as the lawyer meant to save her company she finds that he’s hard to shake. Between witty banter, family dinners, and late-night convos Liya’s realizing that maybe there is someone who is good for her. The only question is, is her history too much for him?

Before you decide to read this be aware that there is mentions of sexual assault, victim blaming, death, trauma, and domestic/verbal abuse. This is not a light read. That being said, it has been an absolute favorite of mine. The way that Patel builds the characters and puts them through the wringer is astounding. I just adore this novel. It is a great read and I recommend it to everyone who is breaking into romance books as it is a closed door romance.

My Full Review is Here.

5.) A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan

A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan on a kindle on top of a white shirt with french words written in black with pink roses laying beside the kindle

Historical Romance | 5/5 | Explicit!

Available: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookShop

Synopsis: A Rogue to Remember Synopsis: Lottie is done with London Society. Seeing a tarnished reputation as her only way out she escapes to the Italian countryside. It’s her childhood friend and first love, Alec, that arrives at her cottage’s front door, five years after she’s last seen him, to escort her home on account of her uncle. There have been many things unsaid between the two and the five years of separation haven’t done anything to extinguish the flame between them. Is Lottie able to look past her heartbreak and is Alec ready to face is past, or is the chemistry between them something that they can ignore?

Want to talk about a book taking you by surprise and make you fall in love with a new author? Well that was this book. Emily Sullivan is now an auto buy/auto-beg-the-publisher author for me. This book. Former-friends-to-lovers, the pining, the history, the one bed only, the carriage rides, the ITALY, the spying. UGH, my heart. And the mirror scene… yup very good. When I say you need to read this book I mean you need to read this book. And her next one comes out December 28, 2021 (The Rebel and the Rake) and it is amazing as well. READ THIS!!

My Full Review is Here.

Wrap Up

These are just the tip of the iceberg of romance novels that I feel like aren’t nearly as celebrated as they should be. I hope that you get the chance to read these awesome novels and I will definitely be scoping out more books to read that aren’t incredibly popular. Definitely going to be checking out some indie published books because there are SO MANY amazing novels within them. Really excited about that. Happy Reading!


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